The Independence Flagpole

To commemorate the culmination of the Filipino people’s quest for independence, the Philippine flag was first hoisted on the 150-ft Independence Flagpole on July 4, 1946.

While this is the original site, this is no longer the original flagpole, as it was eventually damaged during a typhoon in 1995.

It was only in September 2013 that it was finally rebuilt to its original height, this time with reinforced structural integrity and a mechanized pulley.

Rain or shine, day or night, the Philippine flag flies high and proud from the Independence Flagpole, which is the tallest in the country.

Across it is a marble marker with a Kilometer Zero (KM 0) sign that serves as a point of reference when measuring the distance going to provinces and cities in the Philippines.

If “it’s more fun in the Philippines,” then the fun begins at the Independence Flagpole in Rizal Park.