Solead Q

Experience the best of Latin, jazz, and flamenco music as the finest duo from Australia, known as Solead Q takes the spotlight in Paco Park Presents on Friday, September 13, 2019. Hosted by Ms. Thea Perez, the show starts at six o’clock in the evening.

Led by Bernardo Soler and with bass guitarist Dean Gaudoin, the group combines elements of traditional Spanish guitar music with Latin rhythms and virtuosic improvisation, to wow and entertain audiences of all musical tastes. Each member is a superb musician in their own right, having performed in various ensemble contexts and styles from classical to jazz, from heavy metal to flamenco; and from medieval to contemporary music. At present they are travelling around Australia and overseas performing in various music festivals.

Coming back to his hometown is Bernardo Soler who graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Music major in classical guitar at the University of Santo Tomas Conservatory of Music. Since then he has enjoyed enormous success in guitar competitions around the world, even representing the Philippines in events held in countries such as Chile and Paraguay. After moving from the Philippines to Australia, Bernardo continued with further formal studies in guitar at the Melba Conservatorium of Music. He is a highly sought-after guitar teacher and performer, and Solead Q enjoys an excellent reputation for outstanding musicianship.

Joining him on Friday is Dean Gaudoin who has played literally thousands of gigs throughout Asia, the Middle East, the U.K. and Australia, touring with original bands and as a Session Musician on Bass and vocals. He was the Bassist for ERIC MARTIN from “Mr. Big” back in 2007, touring Australia and playing all those insane Billy Sheehan lines! Dean co-founded the original Progressive Metal/Fusion bands, “Xtreme Measures” and “Titanium”, co-wrote and performed with the Electronica outfit, “Xistance” and “Wild Audio Society” and has played on countless sessions. Dean is also the bass player for Tash Melody, Storm Front, Xtreme Measures, Titanium, Cyrup, Xistance, The Dave Hargreaves Project, Luthor, Eclectic Ladyland, The Syrup Trio, Superkatz, Road Hog, Riff Raff, Superfreakz, Shades Band, Diesel Band and more.

Invite your family and friends to watch and enjoy the classic Friday the 13th performance of the duo on Friday. Admission is free.

Paco Park Presents is a weekly cultural project of the National Parks Development Committee held every Friday at the historic Paco Park. This musical soiree is hailed as a Catholic Mass Media Hall of Fame Awardee for Best Cultural Program.