Date Posted: August 26, 2022 Deadline of Application: September 6, 2022
Nature of Work: Plantilla Civil Service Eligibility: Career Service Sub-Professional/ First Level Eligibility
Salary Grade: 09 Other Licenses:
Item Number: NPDCB-ADAS3-2-2009 Education: Completion of two (2) years studies in college
Region: NCR Work Experience: 1 year of relevant experience
City/Municipality: Manila Training Hours: 4 hours of relevant training
Duties and Responsibilities:

      1. Prepares working paper for Financial Accountability Report 4 – Monthly Report of Disbursement.
      2. Monitors disbursement per Program, Activity and Project (PAP).
      3. Maintains Subsidiary Ledgers of Cash Accounts such as but not limited to Cash-Collecting Officer, Petty Cash and Cash in Bank-Local Currency, Current Account, Cash-Treasury/Agency Deposit, Regular, Cash-Modified Disbursement System (MDS), Regular and Cash-Tax Remittance Advice.
      4. Maintains Subsidiary Ledgers of Inventories, PPE , CIP and Intangible Asset Accounts such as but not limited to Other Land Improvements, Buildings, Other Structures, Machinery, Office Equipment, Information and Communications Technology Equipment, Motor Vehicles, Furniture and Fixtures, Books, Works of Arts and Archeological Specimens.
      5. Participates in physical counts of Property, Plant and Equipment.
      6. Maintains Subsidiary Ledgers of CIP and Intangible Asset Accounts such as but not limited to Construction in Progress-Land Improvements, Construction in Progress-Infrastructure Assets, Construction in Progress-Buildings and Other Structures and Computer Software
      7. Does other related duties.

Reminders for Applicants:

Applicants must meet the minimum requirements of the vacant position(s) and must submit the following:  

     1. Application letter addressed to the Executive Director Ill indicating the position being applied for, item number, and the name of the Division where the vacancy exists.

                     CECILLE LORENZANA ROMERO
                      Executive Director III
                      National Parks Development Committee
                      Padre Burgos Avenue, Ermita, Manila

      2. Properly accomplished Personal Data Sheet (PDS) with attached Work Experience Sheet and recent passport size picture
                        NOTE: Do not include training/seminars obtained/acquired during college and training/seminars with unavailable/missing certificates.

      3. Curriculum Vitae

      4. Authenticated Copy of Certificate of Eligibility / Authenticated Copy of Board Rating and License (CSC and/or RA 1080)   

      5. Photocopy of the following:    

   a. Certificate of relevant training/s and/or seminar/s attended (if applicable);                      
                     b. Certificate of Employment with actual duties and responsibilities (if applicable);                      
                     c.  Performance rating in the last rating period (for government and private employees);                       
                     d. Transcript of Records (TOR); and  
e. Diploma.

Interested applicants may apply and submit their application through this email address: or via mail and/or courier to:

                      CECILLE LORENZANA ROMERO
                      Executive Director III
                      c/o Human Resource Section
                      National Parks Development Committee
                      Padre Burgos Avenue, Rizal Park
                      Ermita, Manila

Applications will be accepted until 06 September 2022.

                      NOTE: Applicant(s) must submit one (1 ) set of documents for every position being applied for. Applications with incomplete documents and/or submitted after the  deadline will not be accepted/processed. Further, only shortlisted applicants shall be notified for an interview.

                   Interested? Contact:        (02) 8421-2853