Agency Mandate 

As an attached agency of the Department of Tourism, the National Parks Development Committee is tasked to develop, preserve, and manage Rizal and Paco Parks in Manila and other parks that may be assigned to NPDC.


NPDC shall develop, preserve, and manage Rizal Park and Paco Park to ensure the general public’s appreciation of the Park’s facilities and activities. In particular, it shall:

  1. Provide the general public with access to and enjoyment of an open park through well managed and maintained facilities and structures, well-developed environment through landscape design and plant ornaments, while ensuring the orderliness of the Parks as well as the safety and security of the park-goers
  2. Showcase national heritage through programs aimed at promoting Filipino arts, culture and tradition, and exchanges with other nations, conceptualize events and activities of socio-culture-economic-physiological impact such as performances and programs in order to develop national consciousness
  1. Develop new parks
  2. Develop conducive atmosphere consonant to preservation of historical significance through partnership with the community and NGOs
  3. Ensure viability of NPDC’s financial position in support of NPDC’s goals and objectives
  4. Establish inter-agency linkages to achieve NPDC’s thrusts and programs


NPDC envisions to be the lead agency that will provide fully developed and well-maintained Parks for the Filipino’s wholesome recreation and socio-cultural education in the pursuit of the enrichment of our national identity and heritage through partnership with the other government agencies community, non-local government units and non-government organizations (NGOs).

Core Values

The NPDC believes that the four (4) most important facets of identity and culture which govern NPDC’s actions and strategies as a government agency are the following:

  1. Love and patriotism to national heritage, arts and culture.
  2. Enjoyable, peaceful, secure and safe park.
  3. Efficient, effective and civic-minded workforce.
  4. Honest public service.

Citizen’s Charter

Organizational Structure

Attached Agencies, Regional Offices, Bureaus, and Satellites